About Us

What is OurTownLA?

A search engine for residents and visitors, and a promotional tool for Los Angeles LGBTQ nonprofits, arts and athletic groups to recruit and connect with clients, donors and/or volunteers.

OurTownLA Features:

Searchable A-Z and Categorization of listings for LGBTQ individuals to match:

  • THOSE IN NEED OF VITAL SERVICES to service providers
  • DONORS to well-deserving LA LGBTQ charities
  • VOLUNTEERS to groups and their upcoming events
  • THOSE WISHING TO BE ENTERTAINED AND EDUCATED with art events, information seminars and classes
  • ATHLETES with athletic groups and events

SEARCHABLE CALENDAR of fundraisers*, major artistic performances and shows*, fairs and annual observances for:

  • INDIVIDUALS: a guide to community events and observances
  • COMMUNITY LEADERS: a reference when deciding on a date for their upcoming events

Other features include:

  • HOMEPAGE SLIDESHOW featuring upcoming LGBTQ events with links to more info
  • CALENDAR listings for Support Groups, Volunteer Opportunities, Social Groups and Adult Education/Training
  • CALENDAR SUBSCRIPTION to receive weekly agendas via email

*Due to high demand and limited space on the calendar, you are encouraged to check individual organizations calendars for non-fundraising events and smaller artistic performances.

Origins: First Site OurTownSF.org

In 2001 Walgreen's at 18th & Castro began to offer free advertising space in their windows for multiple weeks to nonprofits in order to promote their mission, recruit volunteers and advertise upcoming events.

California Check Cashing at Market & 16th followed suit in January 2013. Since these windows face busy city streets, soon there were long wait lists for the Windows.

OurTownSF.org was created in October 2013 to fill the need to connect our community and their service providers. Information listed is submitted by groups or copied from their website and/or Facebook pages where it is categorized and made easy to find.